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The Southern People’s Action on COP26  (SPAC26) is a loose campaign formation to coordinate mobilizations in the lead up to, and during the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice on Nov 6. The SPAC26 works with trade unions, farmers, women, fisherfolk, indigenous peoples, youth, and environmental and climate justice movements in the Global South, supporting their actions at the country level to give prominence to their struggles and demands. It relates and networks with civil society in Glasgow to ensure representation and voice of Southern movements in the events and activities for COP26. 

With the theme “Stand up for climate and social justice. Fight back against false solutions and imperialist plunder” the SPAC26 aims to bring to attention how imperialist countries and their corporations are using the climate crisis to further colonize global South frontiers for resource grabbing and exploitation and to profit off of the vulnerability of frontline communities. It also seeks to highlight grassroots struggles against big mining, coal plants and their financial backers, agro-TNCs, and rights violations against rural people and environmental defenders; and how they are forging people-centred initiatives and rights-based alternatives and visions in the face of the social, economic, and political impacts of the climate crisis.

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Some of the priority issues for COP26 are

  1. Demanding for Global North countries to pay their climate debt and contribute their fair share contribution towards reducing their emissions

  2. Calling for an end to all new coal projects, fossil fuel exploration and extraction

  3. Exposing false solutions to climate change such as carbon offsetting, carbon trading, so-called nature-based solutions and their impacts on local communities, rural people, and indigenous peoples 

  4. Fighting against environmental plunder in the global South by global North TNCs 

  5. Stopping corporate control of agriculture and food and promoting genuine, people-led and rights-based solutions to achieve food sovereignty and climate justice

  6. Fighting against unjust and carbon-intensive trade policies, imperialist debt, and corporate control of food and energy systems

  7. Asserting Global South’s right to development

  8. Demanding climate reparations for the Global South (climate adaptation finance and loss and damage)

  9. Defending environmental, land, and rights defenders

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Get in touch with Southern Peoples' Action on COP26 to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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